April 6th, 2006


Terms of British Peerage Address

A question for friends of mine who live in the UK: Is there any qualitative difference between stating that someone is John, Baron of Durham and stating that he is John, Baron Durham?

In the SCA there is a difference, but I don't know if that is based on usage by real peers. I tried looking this up at the FAQ page for alt.talk.royalty, but I couldn't find anything definitive.

I'm working on Boy from the Sea today, which is why I'm asking.

Friends: I haven't been reading my journal much for the last couple of days; I'm still too tired from the ESWL to want to sit at the computer much. I apologize if I've missed out on anything important in your lives--I do care, and I hope you're all doing well.
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Boy from the Sea - Today's Word Count

Boy from the Sea: 1,316 words

I started writing a new first chapter, now that I have finally worked out a more realistic idea for what Garedin's situation is. It isn't as exciting as the original draft of the first chapter, which I intend to use later, and I intend to figure out ways I can make this new beginning more riveting.

The new beginning has Marellas' Minister of Defense visiting the island where Prince Garedin is being held under house arrest by the Baron and Baroness of Liskell. I felt that I needed to provide a lot more background on the country's political situation than I did in the previous version.

I'll be adding more wordage later on today, I hope.
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