April 2nd, 2006


Sunday--So What?

I'm not feeling much better today than I felt yesterday. Just very blah and feverish, but without chills. Go figure. Oh, and whiny. Did I mention feeling whiny?

I didn't fall asleep until after 5:00am this morning. I hope that doesn't happen again tonight. The good thing about it is that I was able to work out a few more things about the country of Marellas in my Boy from the Sea story. So that helped, at least. I'll be putting that into my writing journal later today.

Happy Belated Birthday to gypsy_anna!

Politics: I love the way they're calling these protests over the bill against illegal immigration 'pro-immigration rallies.' That is bullshit. What they are is 'pro illegal immigration rallies.' I am all for legal immigration. If you want to come to the US to work and live, that's fantastic, and I welcome you--IF you do it legally. But don't slip across our borders and start demanding that we provide bilingual signage and assistance to you at our expense, that we provide you food stamps, that we permit you to have a driver's license, that we allow you onto our welfare rolls, etc.

Apply for legal citizenship. Learn the language. Stop expecting all the benefits of citizenship in the US without first being a citizen.

And US government? Stop giving illegal immigrants all these rights of citizens that they don't merit. If someone comes over here illegally, doesn't know the language, can't get a job, and can't survive--those are the consequences that person accepted when s/he came here illegally. They're breaking the law, and it's not the government's responsibility to help them survive in any way.

Yes, that's cold.

I know we want to be kind, but there's a point at which kindness can be taken too great advantage of, as I believe it now has. When people who are here illegally protest, 'How dare we consider arresting them?' it's gone too far, and it needs to stop. Personal kindness and charity from non-profit organizations which don't receive government funding are fine, and I gladly support those efforts. But government should not have to foot the bill to assist people who are not here legally.
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