March 12th, 2006


A Tribble with Claws--Kinda

Weirdness: Pointed out to me by tarlia: This picture. It almost looks cute. Almost.

I wonder if it tastes good with butter sauce? Me, I'll stick with shrimp.

Writing: I spent part of this morning looking over some things in my private writing journal and deleting some entries. Sometimes, I will write things just to get them out of my head, and they are things I really don't want to develop. If I decide I'm not fond enough of them, I eventually delete them.

That 'Snarry' story idea I had is like that. I wrote enough to get the thing out of my head, and now, the urge to write it is not bothering me anymore. But I like the piece because I think Snape comes off well in it, so I'm keeping the little bit that I've written. I'm beginning to think that 'the story I wanted to write' was not a 'Snarry' story. But it is there in that little piece--Snape defying Voldemort and at the same time explaining in a way why he's a Death-Eater. Just one sentence, but I think it says volumes about his motivation.

I might still be able to make a complete story of it, but I'm not sure how at the moment, and frankly, I have more important writing projects I'd rather work on than spend time on a piece of fan fiction.

I've gotten to the point where I've become impatient with the term 'fic.' They're not 'fics.' They're stories. But that's the Grumpy Old Curmudgeon talking.

Back to actual writing, now.