March 8th, 2006

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Space Curvature and Spiral Galaxies

I was watching a show on the Science Channel last night in which they explained Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Einstein's notion was that space is curved, and the greater the mass/gravity of a body, the greater the degree of curvature around it. This theory came into being after astronomers discovered that Mercury's orbit shifts around the Sun like a Spirograph design.

It occurred to me last night that perhaps spiral galaxies, by their shape alone, prove this theory--because, presuming that space is curved, planets don't orbit the sun; they very slowly spiral in toward it. So I'd bet one could theorize that there are massive black holes at the centers of all spiral galaxies; that's why they have spiral shapes. Globular clusters probably don't.


Website Geekery: Check out the website for Houston Eye Associates. Run your mouse over the eye specialty links running down the left side of the screen and watch how the doctors' faces are obscured or displayed according to which specialty your mouse is over. That is really neat!
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New Music and Med. Stuff

Music: I ordered Sami Yusuf's Al-Muallim album, and it arrived today. Sami Yusuf is a British Muslim whose parents came from Azerbaijan.. I'm listening to the album now and enjoying it a lot. It's the Muslim version of Christian rock. Very nice! I plan to buy his second album, My Umma, next month.

It's interesting to listen to because he doesn't try to match English syllabic emphasis with the way the music flows--for example, "HE led-us-to the straight PATH," which would normally be "He LED us to the STRAIGHT path," or something like that. Essentially, he uses the Middle Eastern rhythms and simply puts English words with them, regardless of where thir vocal emphasis falls. Sometimes this scans well, and other times it clashes a bit to my ears, though the way he sings, he makes it work.

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Art: For anyone in Houston who is familiar with Scurlock Tower--They've moved the awesome portrait of Ed and Minnie Scurlock! It used to hang in a corner of the basement, under good lighting that brought out the reds in the painting and away from other lights. Now it's on the crosswalk level, in crappy lighting, with glare from nearby light fixtures reflected in the glass, and it's all dim now. That sucks! It's such a lovely portrait, and now it looks terrible!

I want to rescue it, hang it the way it ought to be hung, to bring out its loveliness. Ed and Minnie look like normal, friendly people in this painting, not like 'society people who are sitting for a portrait.' Or at least they do when all the colors aren't dimmed. Grrr.

Supper: I smell spaghetti sauce. It is calling to me. Bye!

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