March 5th, 2006


And the Sociopaths/Writers Are...

The answer to yesterday morning's 'Do You Think Like a Sociopath?' quiz is below.

I gave this scenario: A woman meets a man at her mother's funeral. They hit it off, have a lot in common, and the woman feels that this guy is definitely worth getting to know better. But he leaves the funeral before she can get his address or telephone number.

Two weeks later, the woman murders her sister. Why?

The answer is, the woman wants to see the man again, and she figures that if he came to one funeral, he might come to another.

Kudoes--or should that be wary looks?--go to meritahut, sauron_the_dark, and tarlia for getting the correct answer!

Meritahut pointed out that I should add 'writer' to the quiz title. Since all three people who came up with this answer are writers in one way or another, I think that's appropriate.
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Bonobos are an Endangered Species

I was reading an article about bonobo apes being near extinction in the Congo. While reading the article, I came across this gem of a paragraph:

"Bonobos are an icon for peace and love, the world's 'hippie chimps,'" said Sally Coxe of the Washington-based Bonobo Conservation Initiative. "To let them die off would be a catastrophe."

What is this woman smoking?! Does she have any idea how brainless she sounds?

Ma'am--If a species' genetics dictates that its females bear only one offspring every five years, that does tend to point toward it being a species that's not likely to survive too long in the ecological scheme of things.

On the other hand, people who hunt and kill these animals for their meat are speeding up the process unnecessarily.
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