March 1st, 2006


Morning Update - Happy March!

Bus: No weirdness on the bus this morning, but we were all talking about what happened yesterday.

News: Bizarre attempted murder-for-hire story. An 18 year-old woman sees some crumbled white Mexican cheese (queso fresco) in a house and thinks it's cocaine. She hires a hit man (actually an undercover police officer) to kill the four inhabitants of the house so she can get the 'cocaine.' She is repeatedly asked if she is sure she wants to do this. She says yes, because she needs money to go to modeling school and intends to sell the 'cocaine' to pay for that. She's asked what should be done with innocent bystanders, and she says for the 'hit man' to leave no witnesses alive who could identify him, unless they are infants too young to talk.

*shakes head* I'm glad this woman is off the streets. I hope she stays off the streets and behind bars.
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Ash Wednesday - Lent

I have decided to give up alcoholic beverages and chocolate for Lent, and I made this pledge in front of Mark and Donna today, so I can't get away with backsliding. (g)

I didn't say a thing about giving up feta cheese, though.

*looks determinedly innocent*

Quotation of the Day (because it is so cool and indicative of our modern world):

"What's a fat-free soy cube?" --lisa_bouchard's five year-old son Watch out for him. That is one intelligent little boy--and with an imagination.

Gaming: There was activity in the USS Charleston today. Hurray!

Writing: Still nothing intelligent out of my characters. *grumble* I can't permit this to go on any longer. Tomorrow night, I will have to just sit down and write something for Avriet or Boy from the Sea, even if it's crap.
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