February 20th, 2006


Monday Update

Writing: I think, if I'm going to get any decent writing done on Avriet or Boy today, I'll have to do it offline, as I am entirely too distracted by the Earthlink news crawl that runs across the bottom of my screen. *sigh*

Quizzage: I took the Enneagram test for Paul. He's a 1 (CZ - The Perfectionist). *snickers* And his opinion of the 'How to get along with me' tips is: "Good god, am I that self-centered?"

World Politics: Okay, all you militants who are still having hissy-fits over those cariacatures of the Prophet Mohammed: It is now officially past time to STOP your nonsense. You have now begun shooting yourselves in the foot by causing economic difficulties with your violence in Muslim countries.

Wake up. Get a clue. Get a life, and do something useful and productive with yourselves for those you love--if indeed you love anyone.

News: I saw in a news article that a 62 year-old California woman has just given birth to her 12th child, and that this was done via in-vitro fertilization. meaning, she apparently had quite a few children successfully, and the reason she had this one via IVF was because of menopause--though I'm not certain, as I don't know her obstetrical history.

Why, when many women are infertile and trying to have just one child, would someone do IVF for a woman who has already had 10 or 11? It doesn't make any sense to me.
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