February 19th, 2006


Sunday Update

I'm feeling lazy today. I plan to do some writing. Hope to do some gaming for the USS Charleston, if anyone posts something for my character to respond to.

Snape Story: The temptation to just write a conversation between Snape and Voldemort is very strong, because frankly, Snape/Harry just does not interest me or the little Snape and Harry in my head. If I get the thing finished it will be a drama. They're discussing quite serious issues which have to do with Snape's reasons for becoming a Death-Eater. I've already written one sentence in Snape's dialogue that to my mind sums it all up, if you extrapolate a tiny bit from what Rowling shows in canon. This is a back-burner project, however.

I hope my Voldemort is not being too tolerant. My Snape is rather pissed off at him and is letting Voldie know. That could be unwise. But I don't see Snape as the cowering kind, and the story would bore me if he were. I gave Paul Graves a backbone for the same reason. The way Bellatrix Lestrange acted toward Voldemort disgusted me. I have to be able to feel respect for my own characters.

Gaming: Gaming last night was fun. We restored the Staff of Moses to the Lost City and encountered the Lost Tribe of Seth. (No, I am not kidding. My DM doesn't even know about my character Seth Graves.) We ran into some scuzzy white trash (Yes, they really were. Straight out of Roots, I swear. Really icky), and now we have to help free the Tribe of Seth from them next week.

I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday.

Quizzage: An operatic quiz courtesy of caersidi. I took it for Mr. Graves:

Your opera is a contemplative drama of wisdom

gained through compassionate suffering.

Which Wagner Opera Do You Belong In?
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Starship - Disgruntled

I think Yahoo Groups is holding back Charleston messages. It's driving me nuts. The current mission is going so sloooooooowly!


I want to RP some Trek!

Quizzage: So I took the Enneagram Test, courtesy of tarlia:

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