February 5th, 2006


Eminent Domain + Serenity Quiz!

Politics: I saw in the news that there was an initiative up for a vote in Weare, New Hampshire about whether the town should boot Justice David Souter, a Weare resident, from his home to make way for a hotel. This was put forth by a protest group in response to the Supreme Court's vote last year to allow legislatures to be able to more easily force people to move, to make way for public development.

I don't personally like that Supreme Court vote, but I do like the way Weare, NH residents handled the protest group's proposal. They rejected the proposal and replaced it with an initiative to improve Weare's own eminent domain laws.

Just because the Supreme Court gives you the right to do something doesn't mean you have to take undue advantage of it.

And just because you're pissed off at someone doesn't give you the right to come up with proposals for legislation whose intent is clearly retaliatory rather than necessry. I like the fact that the more sensible members of the town wanted to handle this situation the right way.

Writing: I need to work on The Boy from the Sea today.


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I suspect I'm probably more like Kaylie, but hey! Pretty cool. (g)
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LJ Today

Bleah, LiveJournal is crapping out, today--not displaying properly. I looked at their status pages to see what might be wrong, and neither of them have been updated since January. :P

Medicine: Dude...Okay, I'm gobsmacked. I've never heard of a domino transplant procedure before.
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Muse Voices


Webby Stuff: I've arranged to transfer my musevoices.com and .org domains to a webhost called A Small Orange and will probably host the non-profit project I'm working on with Virtual Magpie. Thank you to gypsy_anna and fallenseraph for suggesting them to me.

It feels good to have that done. I decided I wanted to take advantage of A Small Orange's permanent account offer, which will pay for itself after less than three years. They offer both FTP and a web-based file manager, and file managers are what I prefer to work with. It's nice to have the choice, though. FTP is convenient if you want to upload a lot of files all at once, and sometimes I need to do that.

I'm going to just revamp the entire Muse Voices site. My interests have changed from what they were when I first created it, and much of what I had planned for it is outdated now. Once I get everything set up at the new Muse Voices site, I will start dismantling Aerden's Homepage from its current location at Dreamwater and updating it at aerden.musevoices.com on A Small Orange.

Finances: I apparently didn't write down my stupid Site Key information anywhere, so tomorrow, I have to call my bank and get that changed. *snarls* I know the security precautions are a good idea, but they can be so frustrating to deal with, sometimes!
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