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The imperialsecrets.org domain name will be up for renewal as of April 2, 2006. I have informed my webhost that I will not renew the domain name. I have done next to nothing with the site, and it seems to me that people's interests have moved to other projects. So have mine.

If you wish to take over the imperialsecrets.org domain name, please contact me at aerden@livejournal.com

As for what my project is--I need to do some research before I can set it up. It is something that has been staring me in the face since I started in my current job, and I have decided to do something about it.

No, it is not a novel. (g)

Webhosts? I am, meanwhile, in the market for a good webhost. I like the one I'm with, (Web-Mania), but I am interested to see what else is out there.

GMail: I just visited GMail.com, and I am impressed! But I won't switch to a GMail account until they offer a paid, ad-free option. I don't believe I should have to see advertising in my email, and I'm willing to pay for that freedom.

It would be so, so useful for dealing with mailing list/gaming email because its conversational/thread version of storing and displaying mail would eliminate the need for people to quote from previous messages in their replies. It would be more like looking at a LiveJournal conversation thread than having to plow through a buch of stuff, the way you have to when using Yahoo Groups.

Current Mood: committed
Jump back February 4th, 2006 Go forward