January 27th, 2006

I'm a Physician

The Problem with Writing Doctor Characters...

Is that you really wish they could give you something to treat your &$*@! cold/throat crud--particularly if they are Federation doctors.

"Come on, Dr. Dhuro, don't you have anything in your hypospray to help me get rid of this stupid thing? Because it is Really Annoying me, and all I want to do is sleep."

Eeep! Oh my God, I forgot--I must write a Rabbit Hole entry. I'll see if I can manage it during lunch.
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On the Island of the Colorblind - Rabbit Hole Day

Pingelap Island, showing pink flowers in the foreground and much lush, green vegetation near the shore of a small lagoon under a blue sky.

Today was my first day on the job as a rehabilitation assistant on the Island of the Colorblind.

It would really suck to be colorblind here, because the flowers are gorgeous, and they're all set on a backdrop of luscious, green foliage and jungle and crystal-blue sky. Absolutely spectacular.

I didn't get to enjoy this for long, though, because I started my introductory month of immersion training immediately after lunch. We all had to put on these goggles which made everything black and white and try to get around.

It's hard.

Glare is a big problem, and the Island is very sunny, being in the far Pacific. You really have to wear sunglasses or something over your eyes to shade them, and doing anything in daylight is exceedingly difficult. The only comfortable way to work is in a darkened room with the shades drawn, and you have to change the display settings on your computer to black background with white or yellow lettering and enlarge the font, just to be able to read. Going outside without sunglasses just hurts.

Evening was cool, though--first off, because we get overtime pay for working after hours--and you have to do the after-hours bit so you can experience the difference that night-time makes.

Wow...two rocks which look about the same with color vision look totally different under achromatopic vision at night. The staff were showing us reed mats that some of the islanders make. We'd seen them during daylight with the goggles off, but at night, you couls see all sorts of details and patterns which weren't at all evident previously. It was a completely stunning experience.

We went out to a restaurant and had a dinner of some kind of broiled fish whose name I can't pronounce. It's very weird, eating gray food and drinking icky-looking gray tea.

Anyway, tomorrow, we get to learn more of the history of this fascinating genetic occurrence. For now, I'm happily tired and am going to bed. Good night!