January 24th, 2006

I'm a Physician


Oh my God! I just spoke with my old boss from the Lighthouse. She said they are looking to hire some part-time transcriptionists who could work from home in the next couple of months, because they might be getting a new contract.

She wants me to test in a couple of weeks. Oh, please, God. Please, please, please, God, let me type fast enough and accurately enough! I haven't done transcription in almost a year.


She says I won't have to buy a C-phone, though, because they are switching to a new platform for transmission of the work. So that's nearly $800 that I won't have to spend, thank goodness.

I must type, type, type when I get home.
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PSA: Are You Blind and Like to Knit or Crochet?

Lion Brand Yarn is now offering free knitting and crocheting patterns in speech and Braille-accessible formats. They have patterns for home, adults, children, babies, toys, animals in English, French and Spanish.

To make information more useful for screen reader and braille users, they provide additional color descriptions of their yarns. They have added information to the patterns and pattern directories that are not visible to sighted readers but that make it easier to understand the patterns when they are read by text-to-speech browsers. They offer free instructions on how to learn to knit or how to learn to crochet. They are in the process of making these tutorials accessible as they are currently PDF files with images.
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A Moment of Hod (Awe)

I am very grateful for my marriage, this evening--grateful that Mark and I love each other enough to not want to hurt each other and respect each other enough to be honest with each other.

I wrote a private vent tonight about money. I realized halfway through the vent what was really bugging me, so I was able to calm down and look at the matter with new eyes. Mark came in to ask why I hadn't eaten dinner yet, and I told him that I had been writing a vent and what it was about.

We were able to sit down with each other and have an honest but constructive talk about the financial situation, and that allayed a lot of my frustrations.

We are very, very lucky to have this kind of relationship, and I thank God for it. I would rather be rich in mutual trust and love than rich in money, any day.
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