January 4th, 2006

Serenity Ballad

Miners :(

Ah, damn! A coworker just told me that all the news stories are wrong. Around midnight or so, the latest news was that one coal miner was dead, and 12 were alive. Now it looks as if the opposite is true--12 are dead, and only one has survived. He was in critical condition, the last my coworker knew.

CNN story.

What sad, sad news to find out, first thing in the morning.
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Impromptu Doctor Visit

I went to see my primary care physician this morning in hopes of heading off something. Good news--I'm down to 132 lbs. and my blood pressure is down, as well, so the exercise and new BP medication are working beautifully.

Bed news: I probably have a repeat of the yuckiness I had in August. Bleah. More antibiotics tonight. *sigh*

Good news: Unless the yuckiness or variant thereof repeats itself, I don't have to see my PCP in February. Yea!

And I am starved. I was going to be a good girl and just have salad, but when I discovered they were serving barbecue beef sandwiches in the cafeteria, the carnivore in me came roaring out. So I got salad and a sandwich. I'm wolfing the sandwich down now.

6pm: Have Levaquin, will gulp down pill. Yea, Levaquin!

I bought some ciabatta bread at Randall's while I was waiting for their pharmacy to fill my prescription. We're now dipping the bread into olive oil. Yum!

Diet? What diet? I'm restricting myself to a small piece of bread. (g)

Sports: Go, Longhorns!!!!
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