January 1st, 2006


Gaming Tonight

Gaming: Today, we have our gamer Christmas gift exchange and party. I'm making mashed potatoes. Mark is making green bean casserole, and others are making turkey, stuffing, yams, and a vegetable tray. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, as we haven't gamed in two weeks, since our DM broke her foot.

I'm about getting to the point of wanting another character. I like my current one, a pixie named Amaranth, but she's invisible, and she can't do much of anything in a fight. She has been an arrow magnet for the last three or four gaming sessions. She's great at picking pockets, but...I dunno. I want more out of a character. I want meat, something in her personality that I can sink my teeth into. There really isn't much of that, right now, and I prefer playing humans, anyway. Ah well, we'll see what happens tonight.

Writing: I'm going to work on Boy from the Sea now.

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New Year's Day

RPG's: *sigh* I should have been working on either Avriet or The Boy from the Sea, but I wound up chatting with padfoot_uk about a Stargate SG-1 RPG and creating a character for it. Her name is Dr. Jessica Rathleigh, and her body model is Jill Hennessey. She's a biologist specializing in molecular and cellular neuroscience.

This way, I get to satisfy my eternal love for both Jordan Cavanaugh and for neuroscience at the same time. :)

Writing: I wrote a bit in a throwaway piece, sort of a Sin City setting. I don't ever intend to do anything with it, but the character insisted, so I let him keep the bit in his teeth for a while.

Happy New Year!