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The only really productive things I've done so far today were to write a couple of RP posts for the USS Charleston and Two Alleys, and to update the spyware definitions of my spyware blocker and do a complete sweep of my computer. It seems to be running better now. I'll know more when I get online this evening and go into YM.

Well, damn. The computer is still blinking off the active window. I had hoped that the problem was spyware-related, but apparently it isn't. Still, the machine is switching between windows a lot less frequently than it has been doing.

I want to write something today, but I'm not sure what. Maybe I'll work on Avriet this afternoon or evening.

Escaping the Muzak: Today, I decided to treat myself to lunch at Napoli's Italian Restaurant. They have a wonderful dish called Tortellini alla Panna that I love. So I went in there to eat, and I noticed that they were playing normal music. It was nice.

But the ultimate capper was, they played "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones! :D

I could not have asked for a more unChristmasy song if I had tried. Hehehehe! I was so pleased that I told the cashier how pleased I was. (g)

Shopping: Later, I did a bit of Christmas shopping--I bought a gift for my friend Donna and also bought a Sony Walkman CD/MP3 player for myself, so I can listen to nice (medieval) music at work, instead of KRBE's boring playlist from my coworker's radio. Right now, I have it playing some Wyndnwyre. Bliss! Now, if I could just find my Sabbatum album and some Hildegard, I'd be all set.

I plan to get an Ipod in the future, once the price goes down to something reasonable. I would so love to convert the Sabbatum CD to MP3 format, so I could store the whole lovely thing on an Ipod.

I predict that the Ipod will replace CD players within a couple of years, as it is so much smaller and can store so much more music using less power. In fact, it is so small that clothing designers could incorporate little Ipod pockets into clothing, say in shoulder pockets, if not the traditional front breast pocket.

A good place to shop for harp music CD's as well as musical instruments and sheet music: Melody's Music

Bootlegging: Apparently, the Walkman CD/MP3 player I bought today is some kind of rip-off or bootleg copy. I thought it was odd that no user's manual was included with the item. So I got online to Sony Walkman Support this evening, and apparently, this model number (D-NE005) doesn't exist. So tomorrow, I get to go back to Radio Shack and let them know that they're probably buying from a bogus company.

In the meantime, I'm listening to gorgeous medieval Spanish court music.

The Cuteness! The Cuteness! These pictures, courtesy of theo1 and Cute Overload.

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A study has shown that the reading of new Harry Potter novels significantly reduces the incidence of children being admitted to the emergency room with traumatic injuries on the weekends of publication.

*giggles* You think? Link courtesy of dsgood.

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