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July 2019
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Staying home from work sounded like a very attractive idea this morning, but I'm here anyway--in open-toed sandals. I tried wearing my bedroom slippers, but that didn't work for long; my toe felt squished, and the bandage still chafes my second toe when I walk. The only things which make it feel better are the hot water and Epsom salt soaks and Alleve.

*giggles!* I need to stop whining like this. So silly of me.

Current Mood: owwwwww

Foot: The pressure bandage is OFF! Hurray!!!!!

I can walk, mein Fuhrer, I can walk! The toes feel so, so much better, now.

TV: At the moment, I am watching Cold Case Files and will probably watch Dog afterward.

Food: It seems they've come out with French Vanilla-flavored Cool Whip. My question is, why bother? It's already sweet enough.

USS Charleston: At last, my character gets to do doctor things. (g)

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Jump back December 20th, 2005 Go forward