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My rings are loose on my fingers!!!

This sucks for typing, but otherwise, it is great ego-boost. (g)

Work: The office Christmas party was a resounding success. We all chipped in to buy fried chicken, tamales, and brisket, and people brought in other dishes, as well. I'm bringing Mark home a plate full of brisket, and it tastes goooood! Smells good, too!

I am now very sleepy and want to take a nap at my desk. Actually, I really want to take the nap in the huge leather couches in the waiting room of the third-floor weight loss clinic. (g)

This morning was spent archiving 2004 records and moving 2005 records into the file room so I can replace them with the 2006 files at my desk.

One of our consumers, who came to us as a Katrina evacuee, is going to be our new vocational rehabilitation teacher. Neat! He can read Grade 3 Braille. O.O

Tonight I need to make the clove apple I plan to give as a gift to the person I'm a Secret Santa for.

Current Mood: fullfull

So--Lady comes in for an OB-Gyn exam. House comes in to check her out. Looks up her vagina and his expression says, "Yech!" The woman explains that her boyfriend doesn't like condoms, so she uses jelly. House asks for a sample of the jelly, and the patient holds up a jar.

It's strawberry jelly.

House's comment to the nurse: "The problem is neurological."

I feel an icon coming on.

Current Mood: amusedamused
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