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Heard on TV: "Servers are our friends. They want to serve us."

From My DM: "Your brain feels as if it's been quick-fried to a crackly crunch--and someone just bit into the Cheetos."

Movie: There's apparently some guy in Australia who wants to make a movie about were-sheep. This could be truly frightening, considering that, in Australia, there are about 3 million people and about 40 million sheep...

SPH:*Imagines Arcadia Moon and a were-shoop army and whimpers*

Two Movies: Why is it that the box-office failure of Troy was blamed on the notion that people were turned off or offended by the gay scenes in it, but now that Brokeback Mountain is coming out, it's being touted as a masterpiece because it dares to talk about two gay guys?

Or am I just reading things wrong?

(Edit): Oops! Sorry, folks; I meant the Alexander the Great movie, not Troy.

Writing: I've finally begun the post featuring the argument between Seth and Paul about the Livre de Sangre in ravenclaw_auror for Two Alleys.

Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Jump back December 6th, 2005 Go forward