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Coolness! According to today's Houston Chronicle, President Bush has been summoned to appear for jury duty in Waco. I totally love it! Only in America. (g)

Getting back to work, now.


Movie: Mark, Tom, and I are going to see Aeon Flux tonight. I've never played the video game or whatever it is, so I have no idea how the movie will be. Before the movie, we're going to a Chinese buffet place near my office. They have a very tasty and varied buffet.

Work: Must order more diabetes equipment for consumers. I spent the morning working on purchase orders for O&M. We're planning a Secret Santa gift exchange among the support staff; apparently the caseworkers aren't as fond of the idea. Not sure why. I've always enjoyed doing Secret Santa things. Ah well.

I've fallen in love with the Monotype Corsiva font. It's pretty!

It's 1:10, and my replacement for front desk duty is still not back from lunch. I'm beginning to get pissed off.

Jump back December 2nd, 2005 Go forward