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July 2019
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USS Charleston: It seems that Marine Colonel Archer Fulgrim is being court-martialed.

Bwahahahaha!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

My only question is, what took Starfleet so long?

Hehe!!! This has been the best laugh of my day, so far :D

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Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Tetrachromaticity, tetrachromatopsia or tetrachromatic vision. - A rare X-linked trait in which some women have four types of cones in their eyes instead of the usual three types, which enable us to have color vision. The extra cone cell enables these women to see finer distinctions in the red=-orange end of the spectrum than is usual. I'm very miffed that I didn't have time to fully look this up when I saw it in one of wcg's science trivia questions. Neat question, Bill!

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Jump back November 18th, 2005 Go forward