November 16th, 2005



Today is the third wedding anniversary of Mark's Dad and Mark's stepmother Sue. :D

And, because I loved her storyline at StarRise Weyr so much:

@>->-- Ygrette, gold Omanyth's rider --<-<@

In loving memory

Work: Work was busy, busy, today, and it will still be busy tomorrow. I'm going to go in and stay late, so I can get caught up on some backlog.

Cool news--I have an English tutoring appointment on Saturday. One of our consumers is going for an Accounting degree and would like some help with organizing his paper.

Friends: Andrea is coming over this week for a job interview. I wish she could have stayed over here. Our house is way too junked-up, though. I'd be ashamed to have her over. :( Plus, no extra bathroom or bed, anymore. *unhappy sigh*
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Quitting NaNoWriMo

Writing: I'm quitting NaNo. I'm going to just work on the book and do it right, instead of writing a half-assed rough draft done for speed. Why should I spend all of November writing a rough draft that I will have to take apart at the end of the month and drastically revise because I have to throw out crap that I put in only for word count?

So no more NaNo. I'm just going to work on the writing--properly.

Thank you, matociquala. You showed me how much I have to learn.
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