November 10th, 2005


Avriet: Style-Type Questions

Writing: During the course of writing Avriet, I am being inconsistent in my use of titles. I have used the French versions of baron, count, and duke, but the English versions of king, queen, and doctor.

I am mainly doing this because 1. Avriet is an homage to a group writing project I used to be a part of, called Children of the Vortex. I loved it, and its setting was pseudo-French. And 2. I don't like the way 'Roi' sounds, and since I have substituted 'king' for it, I felt compelled to use 'queen.' I was uncertain whether I should use 'doctor' or 'docteur' and went with the English version for simplicity's sake.

Should I be completely consistent with all of the titles?

Also--should I use the French titles, at all? I remember reading a comment from a fan writer once who disliked seeing writers of manga fan fiction insert bits of Japanese into their writing, just to show that they knew some Japanese phrases. Should I just put the whole thing into English?

Also, does anyone know what the French word for 'chakras' is? Amazingly enough, it isn't in my French-English dictionary, and this Indian word sticks out like a sore thumb amid all of the otherwise French usage. I suppose I could claim that its origin is Invari in the book, but it's still intrusive, stylistically.


wen_spencer: pointed me to the Gaia Dream Creator, and I made this:

Image hosted by

It's supposed to be my character Myradin from IMS and now Ardaea. He actually wears robes or something resembling an ao dai, not a yukata, but it was the closest I could come to robes in a short length of time. Cool, huh? If they had more readily apparent medieval-style clothing, I'd create avatars of my Avriet characters.
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Tonight's NaNo

Writing: Tonight's Word Count: 1,451. running Total: 18,090

I had some fun messing with Nerice tonight in Chapter 10. Hehe!


Do You NaNo?
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