November 8th, 2005


Election Day 2005

Voting: We had elections today. I'm happy to say I voted against the proposition that would ban gay marriage in Texas and for the proposition that rescinds bail for probation violators.

And there was the usual chattering of the voting staff to Mark in the background asking if I needed assistance in voting. It happens every years, though some of the staff have been there a while, and they know I don't need assistance.

What I need is a shorter voting booth stand, so I don't have to stand on my tiptoes to read the text of all the propositions. (g)

France: France has finally, on the 13th day of rioting, declared a state of emergency in the country. Gee, what was their first clue? I think we should hand France's government their sign.

Australia: I heard a terrorist ring was nabbed and broken up in Australia. Way to go, Aussies!

Writing: I'm off to continue with Nanowrimo now. I think I may have screwed up on the total for last night. When I finish this evening, I'll have to go back and do some math to make sure the word count is accurate.

Avriet is going to need so much editing. Donald Maas would have my hide. So would James Fry. *sigh* Ah well, back to the grindstone.
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Tonight's NaNo

Writing: Tonight's running total was 2,052 words. I'm going to wait before doing a cumulative total until I can get an accurate count.

Voting: *sigh* It looks like the vote on the proposition against gay marriage in Texas passed. Damn. :(
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