November 7th, 2005


Weekend Nano Total

Writing: What I didn't write on Friday I made up for over the rest of the weekend. Running total is now 11,508 words, and I'm working on Chapter 8.

I'd write more, but I'm at work and have work to do, so...See you all later!
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Monday Night

TV: You must all watch House tomorrow night. Why? Because R. Lee Ermey is ging to play House's father.

I have no idea if he's going to play an ex-Marine drill sergeant or do something completely opposite to type. (g)

Writing: Nano was delayed a bit as we had a guest to dinner--who made most of dinner for herself and her boyfriend over the weekend, and she's sharing the leftovers with us. It's Greek food--pastizio, tabouli, hummus, and falafel and very deliciously cooked! I am most appreciative! (g)

Of to do NaNo, now.

Do You NaNo?
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Writing: Tonight's word count: 1,332. Running total: 12,840 words.

I finished Chapter 8 tonight and will start Chapter 9 tomorrow.

I am so itching to do the editing now.
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