November 2nd, 2005


The Addition of Just One Character

Writing: I am amazed what the addition of just one character can do for a story. In the new version of Avriet that I am writing for Nanowrimo this year, I added the character of Eduard Verraquis, King Micaul's bodyguard.

Suddenly, Micaul has come alive, and I realized that the reason he was so difficult to work with in the previous version is because he had no one to talk to. He had courtiers, sure, and gentlemen-in-waiting, and all of that. But when you're king, you really can't express your innermost thoughts to those people, because what you say can always be used against you or for someone else's political gain. It is never simply what you think, when you are a king.

Eduard will also make a major plot point of the book possible now, which is very helpful.

I have to correct a logic error in Chapter 1, but other than that, I am all set to start work on Chapter 2 tonight.

And last night's 2400 words--all original. I didn't copy and paste from last year's work one bit!
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Writing: Tonight's Total: 1,932 words
Running total: 4,334 words

I finished Chapter 2 and began Chapter 3.

Shopping: We are now the proud owners of a new Cuisinart Duet (blender and food processor).
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