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It's stupid o'clock, and all's well!

Ardaea: I'm translating Myradin Glennis from Imperial Secrets to Ardaea. There's just something wrong when part of the work you do in planning a story is creating the main character's mother's obstetrical history in painstaking detail, with dates of deliveries and miscarriages, etc.

Writing: And then, last night, I started thinking, Why don't you just write the book? Why bother doing the story in another RP when you can simply write the book?

Yeah, right. How am I supposed to write this book, when it will need a little warning on the cover? You know, one that says, 'This book contains violent material which may be disturbing to some readers.' Heck, the content is disturbing to me, and I wrote it once, already.

*imagines a book about fabric that bites!*

At my LJ Hallowe'en party, I dressed as Severus Snape.
My LJ Hallowe'en Party!Collapse )

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