October 27th, 2005


Game, Set, Match

Sports: I think it was a good game and a good World Series. Even if the Astros didn't win any of the four games played against the White Sox, they fought hard for every one of those games, and they didn't choke. I may be mistaken, since I'm not a big baseball fan, but I don't think they just threw any of those games away this time.

Astros, I'm proud of you guys. As far as I'm concerned, that was some tough ball playing. :)

Morning Coffee: There's a black Congresswoman from the north who supposedly likes for her coffee to be the same shade as her skin. I'm the same way. That said, take a look at my icon, and you'll notice that what I typically like to do is add a bit of coffee to my cream. :P

Computer: Well, Mark claims he didn't fix our computer; he has no idea why it wasn't screwing up every 20 seconds or so, last night. *is baffled*

Ah well, time to work!
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The Nightly News and NaNoWriMo

Anniversary: Thank you to all who wished Mark and me a happy anniversary. That meant so much! :)

Supreme Court: Harriet Miers has withdrawn her name from consideration for nomination as a Supreme Court Justice. I'm glad she did that. A Justice of the Supreme Court needs to be someone with proven knowledge and experience of Constitutional law, and from what I've seen, Miers has neither.

She may be an honorable woman with a lot of integrity in the Presiden't eyes, but you just can't pick someone who is your personal lawyer and expect the country to sit still for that. I hope Bush's next choice for Supreme Court nominee will be someone with respected credentials, who is moderate and fair-minded. I don't want anyone who is a hard-line conservative or liberal; people like that are just obnoxious.

Sports: It was so neat, seeing the Chicago White Sox fans celebrate. (g) I wish the Astros had won, but there will be other World Series.

Writing: My Nanowrimo 2005 tracking page in my musevoices journal is here. For now, the entry is public. On November 1 I will make it friends-only. If you wish to be able to read the work in progress--a rewrite of The Curse of Avriet, and are not friended to musevoices, let me know, and I'll friend you to that journal.

*rolling up soeeves* The long haul continues.