October 23rd, 2005


The Jockey Club of Pern

I miss the Jockey Club of Pern.

Back in the mid to late nineties, Charles W. Schultz created a DOS program called Stretch Drive that some of us in Pern (and other fandoms) used to generate stables of imaginary horses with randomly-generated physical qualities and then allowed you to run series of horse races of varying lengths with them. You would get the horses' positions at 1/4 race length, 1/2 race length, home stretch, and the finish line. The folks in the Jockey Club were characters (usually Lord and Lady Holders or other wealthy people) who owned or bred racing runners. It was a wonderful lot of fun!

I've been thinking lately that it would be really neat to restart the Jockey Club--but I don't know if that is possible anymore, since newer computers no longer have DOS capability, and I'm sure writing this program took Charles a lot of time. He was very detailed with it, and he used his own knowledge of horse racing to create it; that's evident when you use the program.

I wonder if this thing could be recreated for Web use or in some format that would run on Windows? I wish I had the expertise to write such a program myself. *sighs* I don't even know what I would need to learn, to do that. I wonder if it could be written in PHP?

Hm! I may have found a reasonable alternative to Charles' program, though, called Stable King. However, it has a limit of 3000 accounts, which has been reached. Newcomers must wait until some accounts are deactivated to join. This site is not Netscape-friendly.

The Clip-Clop Cyberbarn Game also looks interesting.

Friends: nixnivis is back! All's right with the world. :)
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More on Virtual Horse Breeding and Racing

After looking over several virtual horse breeding and racing games, I'm beginning to think that what I ought to do is just roll dice.

A lot of these online horse games involve forums, with intricate, detailed set-ups for fictitious auctions, sales, banks, etc. But really, my two interests are just breeding and racing my own virtual horses. I'm not interested in training strategies, selecting jockeys, keeping track of vet and farrier bills, and all of that. I don't want a game with forums because that takes time to participate in. You have to read all of the darned forums to have a hope of keeping current with the game. Just reading my LJ friends list is rather time-consuming.

I don't want to have to keep up with forums. That is why I have left quite a few activities I used to enjoy, because it just got to be too much and too time-consuming.

Bottom line--I want to write books. Time-consuming horse games have no place in that.
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