October 22nd, 2005



Movie: We saw Dreamer last night, and I enjoyed it very much. It starred Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, and Kris Kristofferson. The horse playing Sonador in the movie is actually named Sacrifice, which strikes me as odd name for a horse--but then, so does Seattle Slew.

I realized that when I said yesterday that nothing irreparably bad should happen in a horse movie, what I really meant was that my faith in the horse and the main 'horse person' should never be broken. That is the difference between the book and movie versions of The Horse Whisperer. In the book version, he does sleep with the mother; in the movie version, he doesn't. My faith in his sense of honor is broken in the book version. Even though he does go to great lengths to restore his honor, the damage has already been done, and it cannot be rectified.

I guess, when I see a horse movie, I want to be uplifted.

And no, Mark, John Wayne cavalry westerns are not Horse Movies. *giggles!*

Writing: I am working on the rewrite of The Curse of Avriet today.

Dream, morning of 10/22/05: This dream was heavily influenced by a book I was flipping through last night at Barnes & Noble. It was called Dress Your Best, I think, taken from a TV show about how to dress well. It stars a man and a woman, and the woman looks so much like Jacqueline Kennedy in certain ways that this filtered into my dream.

I dreamed that I was at the White House to film a commercial with a female friend of mine. Actually, she was the female co-author of the style book. We were both wearing white , floor-length, sleeveless dresses. I thought she looked just like Jacqueline Kennedy in hers. I looked down at myself and thought I looked fat, just like the 'petite, large bust' model did in the book. But when I looked at myself in the floor-length mirror, I looked fine. In the mirror, my dress had an empire waistline with a white satin band that came to a flat bow in the front,

Then the other woman in the dream started singing a song that was part in Italian, part in French, and I woke up.

I should probably title this dream, "You're So Vain." (g)
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