October 19th, 2005

Houston Astros

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane: Cripes! When I went to bed last night, Hurricane Wilma was a Category 1. This morning when I woke up, Mark told me it is now a Category 5!!

Dang, did it eat spinach, or something?

Baseball: Dear Astros,

You are a great baseball team, and we will love you, no matter what happens.

But please, please win the game tonight! (g) I really would love to see you go to the World Series. If the Red Sox could do it, by God, so can you. So go out there tonight, and play ball!



The Trial of Saddam Hussein: It began either last night or this morning. I'm told he refused to identify himself to the presiding judge. It sounds like his tactics will be to obstruct and stall as much as possible. I was interested to learn that this is not a jury trial but is instead a trial by a panel of judges. Different from our system, but interesting.

Cold: Like an idiot, I came up here to the receptionist's desk feeling fine, with no cough drops and no tissues. So of course, the second I start talking on the phone, I have to have a coughing fit, and my nose wants to run. Bleah.

And I still haven't bought stock in Ricola. I must do that. Ricola is God. (g)
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Houston Astros

Dear God (g)

Dear God,

Please let the better baseball team win tonight--and please let the Astros be the better team. Our hearts are with them! :D

No, seriously--I know you have far more important things on your mind, but I thought I'd ask, anyway.


Me :)

Environmentalism: Seen in seshen's journal: Global Warming: A Chilling Perspective.

Food: I want ice cream...*craves*
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Write to Live

TA Finished Post

Two Alleys: I completed one of my two TA works in progress tonight:

Le Livre de Sangre

It's the direct prequel to "Grey Orders and Black Books."

I need to finish "Choices," the introductory auror post in ravenclaw_auror and start on the post in which Paul tells Seth that he owns Le Livre. Seth will be less than pleased.

Writing: Sometimes, instead of plotting out a detailed storyline, I begin with a general idea and wait for the characters to surprise me. In the better things I write, they do.
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