October 18th, 2005


Juggling Bus Schedules

Buses: Tomorrow morning, I'll be applying to change my work shift to a 7:30am-4pm shift, which would give me a half-hour lunch. This will allow me to get home before 6pm, which I'd really like to do once we go back to standard time, because I don't like walking home from the bus stop in the dark.

I have to cross W. Bellfort where a grocery store parking lot entrance is directly across from the entrance to my neighborhood. Trafficwise, it's not a great place to cross W. Bellfort. My closest alternatives, though, are to cross at the intersection of W. Bellfort and a major highway (Loop 610)--ain't happening!--or else at the closest traffic light to the east, which is somewhat of a walk away. Bottom line--I want to be able to cross the street in daylight, when I can see traffic, and when drivers can see me.

So my bus chedule possibilities are:
1. Working 7:30am-4pm: Catch the bus home at 4:12pm, arrive at the transit center at 4:53pm, and maybe catch the bus that takes me home before it is scheduled to leave the transit center at 4:53pm, which would get me home by 5:12pm. Or

2. If I don't make the 4:53pm connection to my second bus, I'll have to wait at the transit center until the next bus home arrives, at 5:33pm. This would get me home at 5:52pm. Taking nearly two hours to get home in the evening would suck, especially if 40 minutes of that would be spent twiddling my thumbs at the transit center. Still, getting home at 5:52pm would be an improvement over getting home at 6:35pm, which is the current situation, since I work 8am-5pm.


And before you commiserate with me--Disabled people who use Houston's MetroLift shared van service have it far worse. I hope I never ever become so disabled that I have to use MetroLift. *bleah* I think it would drive me screaming nuts to be unable to consistently predict the length of my commute. I have a coworker whose MetroLift van picks her up at--I'm not kidding--5:10am so she can be at work by 8am. The other day, she didn't get home until 7pm. It's insane.
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Oh My God!

nixnivis' journal has been deleted.


'Worried' doesn't even begin to describe it. More like 'panicked.' Does anyone know how she is or how to get in touch with her? I can't believe she would just delete her journal. I hope things are okay, but I'm really worried and alarmed.

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