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Forwarded to staff from a coworker:

Here is a free online course for screen reader users that would like to get Microsoft Office Certification. See below. It’s from Project ASSIST which is from the Iowa Department for the Blind. This will take a great deal of obligation for the student but I think the materials will be good.

Iowa's Project ASSIST With Windows is currently accepting applications for US residents for the ASSIST Online program. ASSIST Online is a distance learning program that offers free online courses which will prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams for Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Word. The Microsoft Word class for new students begins October 3. For further information, and to download an application, please point your browser to here.

Serenity: It's every bit as good, the second time around. *happy sigh* I really wish that Star Trek the Motion Sickness had been this good. Serenity is well and tightly plotted, with a lot of wonderful dialogue. You even come to like the bad guy.

I could go on for hours, but I'll shut up now. Just go see Serenity! (g)

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Current Music: "The Ballad of Serenity" - Joss Whedon
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