September 24th, 2005


Lecture by Thomas Friedman

On Book TV: I heard part of a lecture by Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat. The most interesting quote I heard from him is this:

When I was a kid, my parents told me, "Clean your plate, because there are people starving in India."

Nowadays, I tell my children, "Do your homework, because there are people in India and China who are starving for your jobs, and those jobs will go to the best-educated, most efficient, and most productive workers, no matter where they are."

Hurricane: Would you believe we slept through it? I'm told that Galveston did flood, but not as much as expected, though there was a fire in the Strand. I hope this means Clear Lake is not too badly damaged.

I'm also told that Port Arthur got hit pretty heavily. This could be bad news for the oil refineries there.

To anyone who is in the areas where Rita hit the worst, our prayers are with you.
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Dream: She Takes Off Her Sandals

(Night of September 23, 2005)

I dreamed that I both was and was watching a Chinese man fighting another Chinese man with a staff. It was a weird-looking weapon, made of two curved lengths of wood which snapped together to form the weapon. Put together, the thing looked like a long, narrow oval with straight lengths of wood jutting out where on either end, where the arcs met.

I was fighting this man for the sake of a woman who I valued and respected deeply. At some point during the combat I was mortally wounded, and I began falling to the floor. Before I died, I was determined to explain to my opponent why I had fought so hard for this woman, and I told him, "She takes off her sandals and dances in the sunlight."

The 'taking off her sandals' was a metaphor for the fact that the woman had traveled (or gone through much travail) and had reached her destination (or perhaps had attained the wisdom she had been seeking). I felt very spiritually uplifted by this.
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