September 22nd, 2005


Hurricane Rita Update

Now a Category 4 storm again with a forecast track that leads it closer to Beaumont at the moment--but we'll see how long that holds. We are now predicted to be on the 'clean' side of the storm, which is of some relief, but I pity the people in Beaumont and Port Arthur, if the storm goes the way it is predicted to.

My parents left Clear Lake this morning at 11 o'clock and got to my grandparents' home around 11:20. Apparently, the southern part of I-45 is empty now, which is a good thing; it means the evacuation worked well in that respect, at least. I just hope people can get out, now that they're on the northern parts of these highways. Apparently, opening up both sides of the freeways to outbound traffic is helping a lot.

Now, we're mainly just waiting.

Meme Sheepage (Stolen from chipperazzi:

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