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Weyrfest: God, I miss Weyrfest! These pictures were taken by Sariel from Weyrfest 1999 at DragonCon.

I hope I get to teach dancing again at Weyrfest someday. That was so much fun!

Lord of the Rings: Mark and I went to see the Lord of the Rings exhibit that is currently on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This is one of the things I was hoping to take gypsynomad to. We weren't allowed to take photographs, alas, or I would have taken gobs of them.

Mark and I did get pictures of ourselves taken, using the technique they used in the movies to make tall people look short. Mark is 6'3", and I am 5'0", so our pictures look quite comical.

I am in love with Arwen's riding habit.

It definitely pays to be on the side of Good in fantasy films, because good people have better Stuff. As witness, Galadriel's Stuff is far more lovely than, say, Saruman's.

Afterward, we went to La Madeleine for lunch and then came home, where I have been getting some web stuff done. I am in the process of inflicting Healer Aerden on Darkover. Those poor, poor people. *shakes head sadly*

Wica: I bought my altar Saturday! It's an antique poplar vanity that I bought for $90 from the family who are moving out of a house down the street. They were having an indoor garage sale (Thank God!), and I went to investigate, since garage sales are like a magnet to me. I also bought an antique glass goblet that has a buck deer on it to use as a chalice and a little brass bowl to put salt in, as well as a beautiful, long scarf to use as an altar cloth. The vanity/altar has six drawers, three on either side, and it's just lovely!

At the moment, it is facing south, but it has wheels, so I can face it north when I need to. Here's a picture!

My AltarCollapse )

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