July 28th, 2005


Dreams, Etcetera

Dream, morning of 7/28/05: I was with an elderly priest and a lot of other people, at some sort of large gathering. I wasn't exactly entourage; more like an invited guest than staff. The purpose of the gathering was some kind of celebration or ritual.

Exercise: After only three days, I am a lot less winded after climbing four flights of stairs to my office than I was on the first day. I started doing this because one of our elevators wasn't working, and climbing the stairs was faster than waiting for the one elevator that was working. I have decided to climb the stairs every day, for the exercise. It takes me less than a minute or two, and I'm impressed with the results. I think I'll climb up and down the stairs during my breaks, too. I don't know if this will take any weight off, but the feeling of fitness I get from this is worth it.

Writing: I'm going to do some writing tonight; I just need to decide whether I'm going to work on Avriet or something else. I think I might as well stick with Avriet, as more of it is written. I'll work on an outline today.
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Quizzage: Mythological Gods Test

(Paul's result)

Indeed, you are 91% erudite, 62% sensual, 75% martial, and 29% saturnine.
King of the Gods and leader of the Aesir family, Odin was all wise, all seeing, and almighty. He was the very personification of authority, skilled in battle, and swift in administering justice, but also prone to unpredictable bouts of extreme wrath.

Along with his wife Frigg (yes, that was her name), Odin ruled from his magnificent hall of "Valhalla" located within the realm of Asgard, home to the deities. Valhalla was also the afterlife destination of brave and valiant mortal heroes who had fallen in battle. These dead heroes were whisked away from the bloody battlefield by Odin's elite force of armour clad female warriors called the Valkyries, charging through the sky upon flying horses.

Valkyries were originally fierce spirits of slaughter who soared over the battlefields like birds of pray, though in later Norse myth, they were romanticized as Odin's Shield-Maidens, virgins with golden hair and snowy arms who served the chosen heroes everlasting mead and meat in the great hall of Valhalla. And isn’t that just any man's dream?

The Fifteen Gods

These are the 15 categories of this test. If you score above average in …

…all or none of the four variables: Dagda. … Erudite: Thoth. … Sensual: Frey. … Martial: Mars. … Saturnine: Mictlantecuhtli. … Erudite & Sensual: Amun. … Erudite & Martial: Odin. … Erudite & Saturnine: Anubis. … Sensual & Martial: Zeus. … Sensual & Saturnine: Cernunnos. … Martial & Saturnine: Loki. … Erudite, Sensual & Martial: Lug. … Erudite, Sensual & Saturnine: Coyote. … Erudite, Martial & Saturnine: Hades. … Sensual, Martial & Saturnine: Pan.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 85% on erudite

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You scored higher than 5% on sensual

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You scored higher than 94% on martial

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You scored higher than 11% on saturnine
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Evening Update

Beverages: Some people might call it sacrilege, but I think one part Drambouie mixed with one part ginger ale is tasty stuff!

Mouse: We got a new optical mouse, which works very well, except that the cursor keeps crapping out while I type. Is this a defective mouse, or is there something wrong with our driver or computer?

Writing: I am working on The Curse of Avriet tonight. I want to write certain things from Micaul's point of view and see how that changes the story from the way it was when I told things from Duc Allistaire's point of view.
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Writing Progress - Avriet

It's turning out to be quite a productive evening. I've so far gone through the first four chapters of my draft of The Curse of Avriet, revising them. So far I have made two major changes.

  1. I have changed the character of Archmage Verne Marchand. He is no longer an incompetent wizard with no self-esteem. He is now an average wizard who knows that he is average and has the honesty to admit it. I like this version of him a lot better. The previous version, which is in musevoices, comes across like a stereotype of a bumbling, scared rabbit of a man. The new version comes across as a real person.
  2. I deleted about a page worth of the old Marchand's private thoughts and half a page of description of the translocation disks. I figure I can explain more about them later in the story, instead of telling it all in what was essentially an information dump. In truth, these bits were Nanowrimo-induced verbage--padding to raise my word count--so it's good that I'm getting rid of these parts.

Looking forward to doing more; I still have about 45 minutes in which to continue tonight.
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