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I just read this entry in wen_spencer's journal.

This makes me wonder if animal shelters might be in fact harming the very animal populations they are trying to save by instituting regulations which hinder a person's ability to adopt an animal--or at the very least, which make the adoption process prohibitively inconvenient.

It's clear that the regs, which require the adoption of two kittens at a time, as well as the presence of the entire household to see the kittens in question before adoption, are meant to ensure that the kittens have adequate socialization and that everyone in the household accepts and wants the responsibility of caring for kittens.

However, Wen states that the cat shelter she went to is very crowded--and crowded with older kittens. It seems likely that part of the reason for the overcrowding might be that potential adopters are deciding that, rather than adopt two cats when they only want one, they will adopt none at all or go to a shelter where they can adopt only the number of cats they want.

I can also see where this requirement that the entire household be present could cause problems. As Wen said in her entry, her husband has to take off from work to satisfy this adoption requirement. How many people are seriously going to take off from work to do this sort of thing? Granted, it might be more people than I think. I'll admit that I would be unwilling to take off from work when I could simply answer an ad in a newspaper over the weekend and have a kitten that day. It's more flexible with my schedule, and it doesn't inconvenience my co-workers.

So I am feeling dubious about this. I like the fact that shelters with such regulations are placing the animal's well-being above simply adopting out as many animals as they can. But I do have to wonder whether, in the end, the animals' well-being is being best served by these requirements.

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

Bus: On the bus ride home today, I saw a guy who looked like Gregory Goyle, from the back. It was wild.

I also saw a guy wearing a kidney belt and black low-riders with a white t-shirt that was somehow tucked into the low-riders. Not a very flattering style, but at least I didn't have to see the crack of his ass. I'm thankful for small favors.

Work: Lunch today sucked. I sat in the breakroom with four other people who were engaged in two conversations, neither of which I could contribute anything to, because I would have been butting in. I felt as if I might as well not have been there. God forbid that they might have actually included me in either conversation.

Still, something good did happen today, but I'll talk about that later.

Space: Tomorrow is Apollo Day!

Food: I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich tonight. It was glorious! *happy sigh*

HBP: I am in the 'Slug's Memory' chapter now, or whatever it's called. I look forward to reading more tonight.

SPH: At Red Lobster last Friday night, I passed by the lobster tank and had a flashback of Ernie MacMillan's birthday party at the restaurant in Kinross. I love the notion of Death-Eaters being chased across the floor by lobsters. (g)

Gaming: I am seriously considering starting a post-graduation RPG centered around Diagon and Knockturn Alleys. It would be LJ-based and freeform, with people collaborating on plots at their discretion. Original characters are welcome. If this interests you, please let me know by writing to aerden@livejournal.com

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