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In Memoriam:

@>->--Dylan Groene--<-<@

I hope his killer fries. I could vent a whole lot more, but that first sentence sums it up.

When even Geraldo Rivera sounds enraged...you know it's bad. That's one thing I love about Fox News; they allow their reporters to have feelings and to show them, when things upset them--especially things which should upset anyone.

Slight spoiler; nothing importantCollapse )

Gaming: Gaming was good. I bought Mark and myself some new dice and new bags. Unfortunately, the dice bags they sell at Nan's, while nice, don't close well. I'm almost thinking I'll just have to go buy myself a bottle of Crown Royal, so I can get the velvet bag off of that. While I was in the store, a fellow customer commented that he was amazed to see that Nan's sells dice bags which aren't off of Crown Royal bottles. (g)

Another purchase I made at Nan's yesterday--Issue #1 of the Serenity comic book series! It has a lovely drawing of Jayne on it, decked out with all of his weaponry and hardware.

I can't believe I actually own Issue #1 of something!

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No plot spoilers, just items.

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