July 16th, 2005


Back Home

I'm back from Austin. I got home yesterday evening around 5:15 or so, and we drove down to Clear Lake for seafood at Red Lobster and then came home. I went to bed around 8:30pm and didn't wake up this morning until 7:30. I must have needed the sleep.

Photographs will be forthcoming.

I'll plow through the messages in my email over the weekend. See you all later!

True Harry Potter Love: One of the training instructors I met in Austin bought the Braille version of Order of the Phoenix--which is comprised of 13 volumes(!)--so she could read it to her daughter.

That's love, I tell you. She's ordering Halfblood Prince in Braille, too. *shudders* I wonder if it's in American or in British Braille?

Quizzage: Stolen from crackferret:

You are a Musician! Music quells the heart of the
savage beast and youre just the person for the
job. You revel in the beauty of the song, be it
from voice, harp, or recorder. If you arent
playing music you are likely listening to it or
humming while you while away the time till you
can perform music again. Nirvana for you is the
end of the day Music Jam.

What Renaissance Performer are you?
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