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I got up this morning and went across the street to buy my Mom a birthday card. Just before I crossed the street, I remembered that I had left my cell phone at home. Minorly annoying.

I got to the grocery store and had to hunt a while for a decent card. I wanted to get Mom something humorous, but all the humorous ones were really tacky. I finally settled on one that was meaningful without being overly sappy, paid for it, and hurried back across the street to catch my bus for work. Apparently, my bus was early or else it simply never came at the usual time. I wound up having to wait for the 6:35am bus. Bleah. Meanwhile, I was sweating waterfalls out in the heat.

I finally got to work--made it into my chair at 7:59am and turned on the switchboard.

I really must remember for Dad's birthday that morning is a bad, bad time to try and find a card. *sigh*

At least I did get good sleep, though!

Writing: mistri writes intelligently on writers' dreams and writers' delusions.

Current Mood: awakeawake

Lunch: Mom and Dad took me out to lunch to celebrate my mother's birthday. We went to Collina's, a fantastic Italian restaurant near my office, and pigged out on their focaccia and other delicious food.

During the course of dinner, I added Equal to what I thought was tea and thought, "Gee, I've never seen tea fizz like that before." Then I realized that I had just added an entire packet of Equal to my Coke! It didn't taste too bad, but it was pretty sweet.

Religion/Politics: A really good entry written by amqu.

What does your LJ username mean and/or why did you choose it?

Mine, aerden, is the name of my favorite character that I created for writing Dragonriders of Pern(tm) fan fiction. I began writing Aerden for StarRise Weyr in about 1990, and I've had a ball with him ever since. Aerden is temperamental, arrogant, wry, and just total fun to write. He is a trauma specialist at StarRise and is its current Weyrhealer.

This is a picture I took of my stuffed cat Kaylie. She's named after the engineer from Firefly.

KaylieCollapse )

Life: In other news, cold Shiner Bock and ginger ale makes a good shandy!

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