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  1. I must not get into SPH Seth's head today, or I will start getting all weepy.
  2. I will eat no greasy foods. I won't even look at them.
  3. I will try to stay awake and not go comatose at my desk.
  4. I will not moan and groan; I sound like a sissy when I do.

I hate having my period during the work week.

Edit: LMAO!!!! As seen in dsgood's journal. This is the best plot analysis of The Odyssey that I have ever seen:

"Take the women out of The Odyssey, for instance, and you're left with a novella, mainly about the archetypal male inability to ask for directions."

Odysseus' problem, of course, was that he didn't have any women on his ship who he could ask for directions. *giggles!*

Imaginary Woman on Ship: *gives long-suffering sigh* "For the tenth time, your majesty, Ithaca is that way! Why can't you just look at the darned map? Or even at where the sun is?!"

Books: Dragon America by Mike Resnick

Current Mood: crappycrappy

Thank God for air conditioning.

Thank God for a husband who loves to cook.

Writing: gypsy_anna and I RP'ed a bit with her character Lady Linah and my character Garron. I think they'll get on well. Both of them have Attitude. (g)

I also need to do some writing with sauron_the_dark and crackferret.

I spent most of yesterday working on things for Avriet and writing down some background for the Seth story.

Other than that, I'm just glad to be home.

Current Mood: blahblah
Jump back June 27th, 2005 Go forward