June 24th, 2005

Serenity Ballad

"I Aim to Misbehave."

Mark and I saw the sneak preview of Serenity last night.

(shamelessly gushing fan moment)
Wow! Just...Wow!!!!
(/shamelessly gushing fan moment)

The Analytical Review: Serenity is what Star Trek: The Motion Sickness should have been but failed to be. If it were a book, it would be a Breakout Novel in the finest tradition of Donald Maas. Yes, it's that good.

The very first scene draws you in, even if you know nothing of the backstory, and sets up the situation for the rest of the film. Maybe this seems like an obvious observation, but what I'm trying to get across is that it's a powerful set-up. Within the first five minutes, River Tam matters to you, even if you've never seen her before, and you know that her adversary is a very dangerous person. Not only that, but he's a worthy adversary--intelligent and not obnoxious, the way many villains (cough--Anakin--cough) in movies are.

Whedon does not pull punches in this film. There are high risks and vital things at stake.

Overall, this is a very intelligent film with wonderful dialogue and well fleshed-out characters. People who like to mine movies for one-liners will find a treasure trove in Serenity. I am predicting that a whole slew of icons featuring said one-liners will be made, once the movie is officially released. I will wait to display any icons I make for this movie until then.

The Browncoat Fangirl Review: My God, this is the best movie based on a TV show I have ever seen! It is absolutely true to the original, and as a Firefly fan, I couldn't have wished for a better film or for a better homage to the TV series. It was BRILLIANT!

Seriously, Serenity would have made a great movie just on its own merit, even if there had never been a Firefly series preceding it. It was paced so well, with a wonderful mix of action, interpersonal tension, and splendid dialogue among the Serenity's crew. As a mercenary starship captain, Malcolm is able to say things which Captain Kirk could never get away with saying on a shipwide announcement. *giggles*

For those of you who like ship-to-ship combat, there's plenty of that. There's plenty of Jayne's Attitude, and lots of fun with Kaylie.

River and Malcolm are the principal players in this movie, even though it is done with an ensemble cast. They are the guts, the heart and soul of this film. I think perhaps Zoe is the conscience.

I have only one quibble about this movie, a logic quibble that has to do with combat. But I will wait until September 30 to discuss that.

What Is the Sound of a Fangirl Gushing? OMG, Summer Glau was there!!! She comes from San Antonio, a fact I didn't know until last night. She seems like a really nice person, I think a bit overwhelmed at the crowd attending the preview. Her dad and Grandpa were there--and that's exactly how she referred to him--as 'Grandpa.' That was neat, because it was so Texan and down-home!

Before the movie started, we spontaneously broke out into (really badly sung) renditions of the "Ballad of Serenity" and "The Hero of Canton." It was wonderful. :)

I have always been a fan of Firefly, but I became a Browncoat last night. Or maybe I just realized I had been one all along. It was a totally fantastic evening, and I am still psyched about it today.

I urge you all--Go see this movie! :D I think you will enjoy it immensely.
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The Seth Violin Story and Weird Neurology Stuff

I figured out the Seth story.

Seth has to be the one with the drug problem.

Once I have that as the premise, everything else falls into place. I know what it will cost him to succeed, and I know how to make it a worthy story. It simplifies so many things. Just about everything is clear now.

The main problem I anticipate is difficulty getting into his head. I have never abused drugs--the opposite, in fact, as I hate taking medicine of any sort. The idea of taking a drug I don't have to take is completely alien to me. If I want to get high, I listen to some Hildegard, and that puts me in sublime bliss for hours, even days, if a song of hers plays in my head on endless repeat. So I've never taken drugs and never understood why anyone would want to or need to.

I guess music acts as a drug for me. I love beautiful music the same way I do a tasty flavor. Music and food, actually, send me into transports. With music, it's the synesthesia causing the extreme pleasure reaction. Possibly my liking for food has elements of the same thing, though I've never noticed any other sensory input tied to flavor; I just enjoy the taste of food very much. It doesn't even have to be food with a strong flavor; a plate of dumplings in cream sauce has done it to me. Swiss cheese spread can do it, too.

So anyway...Now I know how I need to proceed. I will work up a rough outline on Saturday and see if I can start writing sometime this upcoming week.

A note on the music worms--They can be really annoying sometimes, in that they slow my thinking. Sometimes, I feel as if I have to or can only think in matching rhythm with the song. It's bizarre. Does anyone esle experience this kind of thought slowing with a music worm?

I am reminded of the title patient in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat--He was a musician, and as long as he was humming music under his breath, he could get along and do things almost normally. But if his humming was interrupted, he was lost. The thought slowing I experience with a music worm feels vaguely like that, as if the song repeating in my head is like a bannister that I'm holding as I climb a flight of stairs. I don't know if it's an instance of 'insufficient memory to run simultaneous applications' or what.

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Why I Love My Job

The telephone call I had today from the Ukrainian lady at my office (in a friendslocked post) got me to thinking about how my attitude toward my job has changed since January.

I remember how, back in January, my thoughts regarding my employment choices were mainly about myself. Would I be selling out if I took the higher-paying receptionist job rather than trying to remain a medical transcriptionist, which was a job I loved?

Earlier this year, that question was causing me so much turmoil that I finally decided to put it into God's hands as to whether I would get the receptionist job and to stop worrying about the outcome.

Since beginning my work as the receptionist at Blind Services in March, my attitude toward this job has altered from thinking about satisfying myself to thinking more about helping other people--not just the lady today, but others who have called in during the months I have held this job.

I've found that being able to help other people has given me a deep, profound sense of joy. Being receptionist is not the most intellectually challenging job in the world; in fact it is frequently boring to the point of mind- numbness. But I'm finding that, while doing medical transcription satisfied my mind, being the receptionist at my office satisfies my heart--deeply. I have begun to feel an incredible sense of gratitude that I have this job specifically because I can help people while doing it.

Ayn Rand would probably say that I like the ego-boost, and I don't doubt there's truth in that. but aside from ego-boost, it also gives me the hope that I am doing something useful with my life, that I am justifying my existence on this planet, that I am serving in at least a small way.

I don't always manage to help people. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry, having to deal with multiple calls. Sometimes I simply don't know how to help or lack the language skills to help. I feel bad when that happens. But I'm still grateful for the times when I can help.

Some might call it corny, but I truly do feel that I have been blessed to have been hired for this job and blessed to be able to do what I have so far done in it.
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