June 20th, 2005


Monday - Rather Slow

Quizzage (Nabbed from chellealistic:

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English

20% Dixie

15% Yankee

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

Stuff: I should not have mentioned Daisy Duke in yesterday's entry. I have been hearing the Dukes of Hazzard theme song in my head ever since. :P

I brought You Can Retire Young with me to work so I can read it. If I don't read that, I might be tempted to start the MoonSet story. Yes, Paul is being cloned over at MoonSet Weyr. The scary thing is, I think it will work.

Beauty - Rock City, Tennessee, pictures courtesy of gypsy_anna
Bonehead Dork

Weird Cult of the Day

Today's Weird Cult is: Breatharianism. I learned about this from iswari. I would never have beliewved such a group could exist if I hadn't read about it for myself. Unbelievable.

:What the true believers say
What the skeptics say

Note: I changed thr title of this entry from 'Suicide Cult' to 'Weird Cult' because the group does not embrace suicide; that is simply the inevitable consequence of voluntary starvation and dehydratioin.
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Well, Now I Know

My savings (investment) goal should be 35%-60% of my income. So now I need to take a careful inventory of my spending, see what I can do without, and see if I can stand to live on that low an amount of available spending money. I know I can cut down on some things--snacks at work, snacks for gaming. Drink water instead of soda or coffee that I have to pay for, cut out the cups of chai from Starbuck's--though getting home at 6:30pm has done a lot to reduce that spending. Buy only one book a month from Amazon. Buy business suits on sale. Frequent the dollar store for certain items.

Next, I need to see what my expenses are. Then begins the tough part--investing. *shudder*

Addendum: Further reading of You Can Retire Young reveals that, the lower your earnings are, the lesser of a percentage of them you can save, as more will naturally have to go toward necessities. So I don't feel too bad now, just a bit disappointed that I probably won't be able to salt away as much of my income as I would like.;

Good news, though, I opened a new savings account this evening, to replace the one that I had to close out while I was unemployed.
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