June 16th, 2005


Medical-Type Stuff

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: ICE Syndrome (iridocorneal endothelial syndrome) - A condition in which the inner lining of the cornea grows off the cornea and blocks the eye's normal drain for intraocular fluid and/or pulls the iris up over this drain. It is a disease of unknown cause and typically occurs in white middle-aged women with no previous family history of the disease. The condition is rare and progressive, typically affecting only one eye. It is subdivided into three types: Chandler's Syndrome, Cogan-Reese Syndrome, and progressive iris atrophy.

I found out that I had this by overhearing my ophthalmologist say so to one of his residents. I had to ask the resident what it was. :P Cool thing, though, I found out that the resident goes to my church!

And speaking of God, I'm very thankful that this is happening in my right eye and not in my left. Sheesh!

Icons: I made eight 'Book Lover' icons last night. I'd have made more, but it's surprisingly difficult to specifically search for pictures of people with books, even though there are famous paintings all over the place of people with books. *sigh*