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I had been told by an acquaintance that this funding legislation was killed because various representatives had heard that it was an 'easy bill,' one that was sure to pass, so they piled a lot of riders on it in hopes of using this issue to fund unrelated things. According to the person who spoke with me, the riders killed the bill. The newspaper article quoted above gives a somewhat different explanation, one that I'm betting is more accurate.

But that is not really what concern me. My issue is this: I cannot believe, that among all of the blind, visually-impaired, or philanthropic people in Texas, we cannot scrape together $40,000 privately to fund this! That's absurd. Granted, many blind people live solely on disability income, so they might not be able to contribute. But plenty of us do hold down jobs, and I'd think we could find 400 people to donate $100 each, at least. I'm willing to be one of them. The article states that 1,500 people use this service. I'd think 1500 people x $30 each would more than suffice to fund this thing. Why can't this be run as a subscription service, as is the case for any sighted person who wants to read the paper?

Being blind does not entitle us to freebies. It only means that people are more willing to assist us. If we can possibly pay for things ourselves, we should.

I don't understand why we're even bothering the legislature about this.

Thought: It was noted in the email in which I received the text of the Chronicle article that this cancellation would pose a problem primarily only for people who cannot access the Internet. This leads me to wonder if perhaps Newsline is actually part of a dying breed and whether the program will be phased out across the country in a decade or so as more and more blind people gain Internet access and read their newspapers that way. Maybe what has just happened in Texas is simply a sign of things to come?

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Autopsy Report: Terri Schiavo's autopsy report has been released, and it apparently does confirm significant brain atrophy and irreversible neuronal loss. According to the report, there is no evidence of abuse. (On the other hand, how much trace evidence does insulin leave over time?)

I am glad to finally have some concrete evidence available, rather than having to listen to a lot of he-said/she-said accusations for days on the news. Whether she was murdered or not, we may never know. But I say, may she rest in peace, and may her family find some kind of peace with this, if any can be had.

Text of Medical Examiner's Report

(EDIT): It has been noted that Schiavo's brain may have been half the normal size because of the state of extreme dehydration in which she died.

Car: We got our car back from Miller's Auto Body Shop last night, and she's running beautifully! She looks beautiful, too! We're very glad to have Siobhan back.

Writing: I'm still working on the violin story, trying to sift through my feelings about it so I can figure out exactly what the story is that I am trying to tell.

Meme Thing:

CalvinOKeefe is sittin' on Capitol Hill with Dax

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

I made more icons tonight for aerdens_icons, since I can now copy graphics. I'll upload them to my icon journal tomorrow evening.

I also decided to upload some new icons to this journal, since I now have so much room. (g) Good night!

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