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This organization was founded by a man who works with my agency:

Austin International Rescua and Relief Operations. He is heading out to live in Aceh, Sumatra for a while to help with tsunami relief efforts. I am damn impressed. You don't often see people who are willing to dedicate themselves to something like this for the long term, the way this man is.

Fluff: On an entirely trivial note--Whatever shall I do with 100 icons?! *gleeful*

Current Mood: impressedimpressed

Images: For some reason, I can't copy the user icons from sp_sethgraves onto my hard drive, even when I click on 'View Image' and then 'Save Image As.' I wonder what's the deal? Those icons aren't readily accessible to me unless I log in as Seth, as the account has reverted to free status, and I'd like to move all but three of them out of that journal and into musevoices.

Crap! Once again, my computer is not allowing me to copy images, and I can't figure out why. I can't remember how we fixed it the last time. Restarting had no effect.

*heads off to the writing journal in a sulk*

Anne Bancroft: I see on the news that Anne Bancroft has died. :(

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
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