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July 2019
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Writing: One of my stories just hit me over the head with a 2 x 4 this morning. I learned something about a race I'm creating that surprised the heck out of me.

God, I love writing!

Transcription: How can there be no local chapter of the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists in Houston, Texas?! That's insane! The closest chapter appears to be out in Nederland, Texas, which is near Beaumont and Orange. I can't believe that Houston, with our large Medical Center and physician base, doesn't have its own AAMT chapter. *shakes head*

Movies: Oh, man, I hope this rumor turns out to be true!

Yoda kicking Sith butt. YES!!!! And yes, I could sit through an entire movie of Yoda-speak. I could, I could, I could. :D

Ahem. But it's just a rumor. *forces self not to squeal too loudly!*

Current Mood: stunned

...I'm inflicting you with Guide Dog Haiku.

Yes, I am that bored.

Warm day in the park.
A guide dog wants his owner’s
Pastrami sandwich.

* * *

Guide dog splashes through
Puddles of spring rain, getting
His owner’s feet wet.

* * *

Someone’s guide dog naps,
Curled under a cozy desk
While his owner types.

* * *

Owner says, “Bad dog!”
Guide dog thinks, What a nice scent
That cute female has!

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