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July 2019
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Sugar-Free and delicious foods from Ann Morris Enterprises

The chocolate morsels with pretzel bits were what won me over. But I'm not allowed to shop online at work. Argh! (g)

If these foods weren't sugar-free, I'd have to call this an Evil Webpage. :)

And I can so imagine this item being used in the dining hall at Hogwarts!

Ann Morris Enterprises is a division of Independent Living Aids.

Current Mood: hungryhungry

I was using these to practice writing Braille, and I love them!

In my old home,
Which I forsook, the cherries
Are in bloom.

A giant firefly--
That way, this way, that way, this--
And it passes by.

Right at my feet--
And when did you get here,

My grumbling wife--
If only she were here!
This moon tonight...

A lovely thing to see:
Through the paper window's hole,
The galaxy.

A man, just one--
Also a fly, just one--
In the huge drawing room.

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
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