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padfoot_uk sucked me into this. It's cool!

Chantal Renee Whittington's Aliases

Your movie star name: Pizza Lottie

Your fashion designer name is Chantal Newent

Your socialite name is Adriela Houston

Your fly girl / guy name is C Whi

Your detective name is Raven Clear Lake

Your barfly name is Granola White Russian

Your soap opera name is Renee Reed

Your rock star name is Chocolate Ferrari

Your star wars name is Chamar Whijef

Your punk rock band name is The Happy Mobius Strip

I like 'Renee Reed' and 'Chocolate Ferrari' the best of all those names. 'The Happy Mobius Strip' reminds me too much of Xaviera Hollander's The Happy Hooker, which causes me to snicker uncontrollably whenever I read that.

Work: Work was unusually busy, considering that today was a Texas state holiday (San Jacinto Day), for which we were only partially staffed.

Braille: I got farther along with grade two Braille today, learning quite a few new signs. I'm going to work on retaining these for a few days before trying to learn more. Practicing with the slate and stylus is impossible at work; when the telephone rings I completely forget where I was in my 'writing,' and I have to remove the paper from the slate to figure out where I was. So I'm going to start using a practicing with a styulus just at home, I think.

I can't wait to write to my friends at the Lighthouse with this! *bounces*

I read an interesting article today by a woman in Canada who advocates the teaching and use of grade one (alphabetical) Braille only, for blind people who are learning-disabled, speak English as a second language, or who are elderly and learning Braille for the first time in their lives. In the article, she writes that learning-disabled students scored significantly higher on standardized tests which were conducted strictly in grade one Braille.

Avriet: Work on Avriet has consisted mostly of worldbuilding, lately. I'm finding that it helps the story along a great deal when you have a very firm idea of what the world is like. Weirdly, things I invent for the world sometimes miraculously explain things that I had already created for the story. It is so neat when that happens!

Nova Roma: Paid my taxes last night. Hurray! Now, I'm just tapping my foot, wondering when I'm going to be given work to do. *looks at Bill (g) *

EBay: I'm contemplating setting up an EBay account to possibly sell some old SCA costumes which no longer fit me. *sobs*

Must. Lose. Weight.

Church: A quote from my pastor: "Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future." I like J. D. so much.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Everybody else is doing it, so I meme-sheeped.

Find a song with familiar English lyrics.
Go to this site and translate it fron English into German.
Next, translate it from German into French.
Lastly, translate it from French back into English and post the new lyrics in your journal.

Each time if that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face which receives more freely. The past went. It passed like the paddle to be born. Not what is the manner? Each one received its rights in the life, to pay. I know, which nobody knows, where it comes and where it goes. I know that it is each Sin. They received to lose, to be able more gain. Half of my lives in the written books sides. Live and to learn them from the stupid heads and that the wise ones. They know that it is right. All the things turn over to you. If you sing with me, you sing for the years. If you sing for the laughter, you sing for the tears. Sing with me, if it is for today right. The good Lord removes you perhaps tomorrow. Dream above, dream above. Dream a dream to precisely come itself. Dream above, dream above. dream, until your dream precisely comes. Dream above, a dream above, dream..., If you sing with me, you sing for the years. If you sing for the laughter, you sing for the tears. sing with me, if it is for today right. The good Lord removes you perhaps tomorrow.

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: "Dream On" - Aerosmith
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