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July 2019
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Poetry: ...to write another Paul/Lilith love sonnet. :) I started writing it last night and will work on it some more this evening.

If I'd been certain that I could write on LiveJournal from work without jeopardizing my job, I'd have gushed madly about it this morning.

Braille: The learning continues. I'm working on the first set of Grade Two letters, which is simply the letters themselves, without the use of any affixed indicator dots. The way it works is, the Braille symbol for W, just by itself, can symbolize the word 'will.' If you add a dot to it in certain positions, that changes the meaning of the letter to 'write' and also to 'work.' It's like shorthand. I don't know how blind people remember all this.

I'm continuing to practice my 'Braille with lines' system because it allows me to practice and is so much less tedious than making endless dots.

Dinner: Chicken Cordon Bleu. Yummy!

The Pope: Looks like they haven't selected a new Pope yet. Not surprising, since today was the first day of the conclave. I think it usually takes the College of Cardinals about two weeks or so.

My latest set of icons is done and is up at aerdens_icons. It's of Gibson Girls.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Nabbed from caersidi, who nabbed it from hils.

I created this journal on: September 22, 2002
I created it because: quietlyurban had suggested it several months previously, and then crackferret got me hooked. I was really ticked off that I had missed so much journalling! (g)
In this journal:
I've posted 516 entries, not including this one.
I've posted 1,593 comments and received 1,553.
I've saved 160 entries, and I save entries as memorable frequently, both mine and others'.

My first post (09/22/02) was an introduction to what I intended to use my journal for, I also blamed Kelli and Suse for inducing me to inflict my journal on you all, and I posted a poem that I wrote for a character in an RPG I used to be in.

Two years ago (04/18/03) I wrote nothing.

Eighteen months ago (10/18/03 I wrote nothing.)

One year ago (04/18/04) I wrote about the frustrations of job hunting and the delights of Kill Bill, Part 2.

Six months ago (10/18/04) I was ecstatic about my first day of work as a medical transcriptionist. :)

Three months ago (01/18/05) I commented on Houseplants of Gor, the psyche of my character Seth Graves, on how funky the term 'fascia lata' sounds, and on the confirmation hearings for Condoleezza Rice.

One month ago (03/18/05) I wrote nothing because it was a Friday, and we went out late.

Yesterday (04/17/05) I wrote about a new plot happening in sphogwarts, which I am very happy about. Otherwise, I spent the day lazing at home.

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